How to vinyl wrap or spray car badges

The current trend have many people wanting to know how to vinyl wrap or spray car badges. Almost all car badges are chrome. It is bright and shiny so that everyone can see the brand of the car. If you take notice, you can see that the badges on Cars are getting bigger and bolder. Most brands would want to use this free advertising. However, for most people, the car badges being so big and bold is not favorable. Also with the recent trend of stealth look, there is no better time to make your badges blend in or coordinate with your colour theme.

How to remove car badges

No matter which method you use to change the badges, you need to remove them before you can change the colour. Of course, if you don’t want a perfect job, you can always change the colour with the badges on the car. The finish in most cases would not look great and it is much more difficult to apply the change.

You can have a look at the post How to remove car badges for detailed instructions on removing car badges.

2 easy ways to change the colour of car badges

You can buy custom badges that you can simply replace with the factory badges, but these are usually quite expensive and may not come in the colour you want. All is not lost as there are 2 easy ways to change the colour of your badges. Vinyl wrapping or spray painting your car badges.

Vinyl wrapping car badges

Vinyl wrapping car badges is not easy especially if you want a professional finish. I would give it a difficulty scale of 9 with 10 being the most difficult. The main reason for the high difficulty level is because of the explicit details on most badges. To wrap such details, you would need to take special care with the wrapping and also the trimming.

Vinyl wrapping badges on the car

It is hard enough to vinyl wrap badges off the car, let alone on the car. However, it is possible with care.

Spray painting car badges

You can paint car badges with either traditional acrylic paint or removable rubber paint also known as Plastidip. Although you can use a brush to apply the paint. Spray painting is the preferred method of painting badges as you can achieve a smooth finish.

Spray painting badges on car

Although it is not recommended to spray paint the badges without removing them. In some cases, you may not have a choice. The most common reason is the badges being stuck onto the panel with high strength glue. Here are the steps to spray paint the badges on the car:

  1. Clean the badges using a clean microfibre cloth and methylated spirits. Make sure every crevice is cleaned properly.
  2. Mask off the parts you don’t want painted with making tape.
  3. Use a hobby knife to trim any excess masking tape. Any excess masking tape may not give you a clean finish.
  4. Remove the excess masking tape.
  5. Clean the badges again with methylated spirits.
  6. Spray a thin layer of paint over the badges.
  7. DO NOT over spray.
  8. Look at the spray can for drying times.
  9. When the paint is touch dry, apply about thin coat.
  10. Repeat 9 for 5-6 times or until you are satisfied with the finish. At this point, the badges should have a smooth finish and all parts of the badges are painted evenly.
  11. Wait for the paint to dry and cure. This usually takes 24 hours. Do not remove the masking tape before the paint is completely dry or you will completely destroy the finished product.
  12. If you use Plastidip, use a hobby knife to run along the edges.
  13. Remove the masking tape.

Tip: If your masking was not perfect, you may want to remove the oversprayed paint. You can do this by using a fine paint brush and methylated spirits or paint thinner. If you use the latter, make sure you wash the area down as you do not want the thinner to sit on the paint.

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